Artist/Writer Steven Moore Shares What It’s Like to Be a GCCW Super Fan

Okay, a recap of the last week or so. Tori B. of the Gulf Coast CW informed me that they considered me to be a “Super Fan” and wanted to showcase me on their site for the Month of July. Wow! As part of that I was given a tour of where they hang out, watched a live broadcast of the news (remove one item off my bucket list) and we took pictures in front of a green screen (their mistake—I intend to have a lot of fun with that). Top it off with a CWag bag (a bag full of really cool Gulf Coast CW swag).

So, I’ve been trying to figure out what makes me a Super Fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shows on the CW as much as anyone. Some of my favorite TV shows are The 100, Supergirl, Nancy Drew, Supernatural—the list goes on (Stargirl is my family’s current favorite). And I do like to hang out on the Gulf Coast CW Facebook pages. But I’m thinking that just makes me a fan.

This is what I’ve come up with. I’ve been bumping into Tori and the Gulf Coast CW crew off and on for years now. Sometimes at events like the Foley Balloon Festival (postponed for this year, but so far not cancelled. August 28 and 29. Keep your fingers crossed)—other times I’ve met Tori and the crew at conventions like Questcon, Mobicon and Pensacon.

We often run in the same circles. I’ve been a huge fan of The Week in Geek and, like Tori, was devastated at the loss of Brian Held Jr. I’ve chatted with him several times at conventions and even had the honor of being interviewed by him for his podcast. I’ve hung out with local groups like the Complete Nerd Authority (I’m a big fan of them, too). It seems like every time I go to an event I look across a crowd of people and there’s Tori and the crew (or Super Tori as I like to call her when she’s in costume as The Gulf Coast CW’s Supergirl).

I have been directly involved in several of the local conventions. I sometimes set up a table and present my art and books. I’ve held a number of panels, and classes (even a game night with the help of the Complete Nerd Authority). Plus, I’ve done the t-shirt and badge art for a some of the conventions along the coast. A few years ago I did art for Mobicon Badges and they used my art for their t-shirt. More recently Pensacon 2020 used my art for their badges and t-shirts.

A bit of a side note. I’ve been a fan of the Blue Angels for as long as I can remember. Years ago I had the opportunity to create a National Museum of Naval Aviation Blue Angels kids t-shirt design for Dixon Screen Printing in Pensacola. As of our last visit to the museum (and my family goes there a lot) they were still selling the shirts. I was a screen printing artist for a good bit of my life (mostly while I was in college). Having my art on shirts for things and events I’m a fan of is always a big deal for me.

When I go to conventions I always go as a fan (even when I’m there on business). I have autographed copies of several pieces of art I did of actors. I like to give them the originals and have them sign the only copy of the art. For Pensacon I did a Super Tori cover for Tori B. As I was getting art ready for Pensacon I came across several podcasts of her interviewing people. The idea of drawing her as The Gulf Coast’s Supergirl wouldn’t leave my head until I drew it, so I did and gave the original (Super Tori) to her. Like I said, I’m a fan of her and the crew.

So, I guess it’s not just one or two things that inspired them to include me among the six (6) Super Fans they will be honoring between now and the end of December. I’m thinking it’s because, like them, I enjoy being a fan of and a part of the community.

Many thanks to The Gulf Coast CW. This is a great honor.