Super Fan Malcolm Banks Shares What It’s Like To Work with Peers

Gulf Coast CW Super Fan

Working With Your Peers

By Malcolm Banks

Anytime Fandoms Anonymous has a chance to work with our peers we take it because we all know the possibilities are endless! That’s the reason why I was so excited to collaborate with Jeremy Evans, host of the 20/20 Podcast LLC. It’s been such a worthwhile experience!

Jeremy and I are able to bounce ideas off of each other and make amazing content for many people to see. In my opinion, he is one of many people that exude what it means to be a content creator. I often think of us as some of the guys from The Big Bang Theory being the masters of our elements.

Even though we have only worked together for about a year, it’s been a success because we have so much in common. Both of us are the type of people who know what we are doing and are not afraid to learn from the other in order to help one another succeed.

After speaking with him about our collaborations, he agreed that this is only the beginning.

Jeremy said,

I sat down with Malcolm Banks, the founder and creative mind behind Fandoms Anonymous one year after our initial interview. We discussed what changed over the course of 365 days. We took the time to engage and discuss new endeavors and growth. The pandemic and social distancing has created a lot of things, but most importantly it has created an avenue for creativity. Content creators like Malcolm [and I], have utilized this time to rediscover [our] roots and reignite [our] passions.

In life opportunities will present themselves. It is up to the person to recognize and capitalize at any given moment. Fandoms Anonymous is on a new horizon; with a future that is not set but shaped by Malcolm’s ambition. With this new venture offered by The Gulf Coast CW, I am certain he will use this to inspire others to pursue their own new phases of success.

What a complement! Make sure to catch Jeremy Evans and his crew on The 20/20 Podcast LLC on Facebook, YouTube, IG and wherever you can find podcasts as well.

You can also watch The Big Bang Theory weeknights at 6:30PM on The Gulf Coast CW.

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