Malcolm Banks, Youtuber

Mobile native and 2009 S.S. Murphy High School graduate Malcolm Thaddeus Banks Jr., is a 29-year-old IT Help Desk Analyst who currently resides in Montgomery, Alabama. Malcolm owes his vast mind of imagination and creativity to his late mother Angeline Elizabeth Jones, who instilled reading and computers into his life at a young age. Malcolm is also a musician who played the Tuba/Sousaphone all throughout middle school, high school and college. You can even catch him during Mardi Gras with the Bay City Brass Band of Mobile, Alabama.

There was an idea, in late 2016 to create a safe space for people of all races, backgrounds and ethnicities to be able to come together and share their love for all types of Science-Fiction media.

Since then, Fandoms Anonymous has become a Multi-Faceted Media Organization based out of the Southeastern United States region, providing media content on some of the latest news from the Science Fiction Entertainment world! Content from movies, television shows, gaming, celebrity interviews, reviews, candid conversations and more through the Fandoms Anonymous YouTube channel, Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

The enigmatic team including Kevin Garlington, Whitney Moore, Darrell Blackston, Clay Rogers, Robert Hooten, Jeremy Evans, and a crew consisting of a host of family and friends from all over the country travel all over the Southeastern United States including, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia to comic conventions providing media support and advertising while also conducting interviews with celebrities as well as the fans and attendees of the conventions too! Along with that, Fandoms Anonymous is a strong force in the community in helping to support local businesses and organizations. The organization has even appeared on the radio on the New Orleans station News Talk 99.5 WRNO The News and Talk of New Orleans. Fandoms Anonymous strives to provide the most consistent, quality, content in the world to make sure that all of their viewers and supporters are given the best experiences for their fandoms.   

Another one of Malcolm’s focal points is taking the time out all throughout the region to both help and teach aspiring content creators both young and old how to start their own podcasts and channels. It is something Malcolm believes is necessary and vital in giving back.

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