Steven Moore, Writer and Artist

Steven Moore has been telling stories with his art since he was a young child.After years of drawing science fiction and fantasy art for fun and working as a caricature artist, screen printing artist and creative/web designer (among many other fun jobs) he started using words as a medium.His Runes & Realms™ series is the first of the Downtime Reads™—books written for the entire family to enjoy during their down times and specifically written to motivate mid-grade readers and reluctant teen readers to read.

To encourage anyone who wishes to draw, but feels they can’t or don’t know where to start, he created The How-To Book for Artists Who Can’t Draw™—a workbook for the true beginner. Steven is a proud member of the Mobile Writers Guild and The INSCRIBABLES—a group of successful writers and artists who have teamed up to educate, inform and inspire the creative young.

Steven Moore (Grim Trojan):

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