As I stated in a previous posting, I started writing (other than school reports and such) a little over ten years ago. In that time I’ve worked with a number of critique groups and have joined several writers’ clubs. A few years ago I found the perfect fit with the Mobile Writers Guild. We are a group that ranges from aspiring writers to successfully published authors. Anyone who is interested in the art of writing is welcome to the monthly meetings—the first Thursday of each month, September through May, at 6pm at the West Regional Library in Mobile.

Most meetings either have a presentation dealing with a writing topic (“Show, Don’t Tell” or “How to Submit Your Work to a Publisher/Agent” as examples) or we have a guest speaker (like local author and journalist Bill Riales who recently informed and entertained us).

When I started on my journey as a writer, I could already write fairly well and I could tell a story. But writing a good story requires a whole different set of skills. I thank a large number of local authors for helping me develop those tools (of course it’s still—and always will be—a work in progress).

The last few years I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the anthologies published by the Mobile Writers Guild. The first one was a collection of short stories and poems of various themes. The second one was a Mardi Gras anthology and the third was a Valentine’s Day anthology. I had the honor of having a story in each book. I also had the pleasure of creating the covers for all three anthologies.

We are currently finishing up our next one, a Halloween anthology. All of the stories have been collected (including one from me). It’s being edited and I’m still working on the cover. These books are fun. The short stories (and sometimes poems, plays, and essays) are perfect when you need a quick read. And, plans are already underway for the next anthology, so if you’re a writer or know someone who is, make sure you check out our Facebook page.

The current state of social distancing has affected the monthly get-togethers. The Mobile Writers Guild Facebook page is the best way to learn about our next meeting—physical or virtual.

If you’re not a writer, I strongly suggest you check out the anthologies and visit our page anyway. Our area has some amazingly talented people who have produced some great books. You might find a new favorite author. We’d love to hear from you.

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