Two Consistent Heroes

A Tribute To Robert Norwood Jr.

The Gulf Coast CW was recently introduced to a new hero that joined Arrowverse: Courtney Whitmore better known as Stargirl. A few months ago, the Fandoms Anonymous organization lost one of our own. It was someone that we called a hero, only he went by the name Robert Norwood Jr. One thing we take pride in at Fandoms Anonymous is being “consistent”. It is even in our motto “Consistent Quality Content”. When watching Stargirl you may notice no matter how many times Courtney is knocked down, she always gets back up and keeps on trying. Stargirl knows there is a mission that needs to be completed.

Everyone at Fandoms Anonymous agreed that Robert Norwood Jr. was the same way. When it came to setting his mind on something, it didn’t matter what got in his way, he always stayed consistent. Robert knew that he had to complete the mission. Whether it was family, school or work, he never gave up. That’s what made him a hero in our eyes.

Stargirl is an amazing show with so many different aspects of life in it. One thing that I personally have learned from this show is that in life things will come at you from all angles but it is about what you do in response during those times that makes a difference. What I learned from Robert Norwood Jr. is that all it takes is being the best version of you that you can be, no matter what comes at you. Robert, we all miss you, we all love you and we hope to see you again one day.

If you are looking for a show that offers equal parts action and inspiration then DC’s Stargirl is worth tuning in for. It’s because of the character’s consistent strive for justice that I consider it my favorite show currently airing on The Gulf Coast CW.

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