GCCW Super Fan Content: Maine to Mobile with Malcolm Banks and Joseph Carro

Gulf Coast CW Super Fan

Maine to Mobile with Joseph Carro

Here at Fandoms Anonymous we don’t just dabble in comics, sci-fi and geeky topics. We also enjoy interviewing interesting people! This week, Joseph Carro is one of those interesting people.

If you’re like me and you have lived on the Gulf Coast all your life, you might overlook some of the interesting things the area has to offer. For our new friend Joseph, it’s something different and fresh.

Joseph recently moved from Maine to Mobile to start a new chapter in his life. It was only a few weeks ago that Fandoms Anonymous just happened to stumble across his profile on Tik Tok.

At first it was his posts about visiting new, local places that caught my eye. After seeing his videos about exploring the Gulf Coast, it was obvious to me that he has enjoyed becoming a part of our culture here in Mobile, AL.

However, there is always gonna be a silver lining in what we do and we found out that Joseph is a cosplayer and has some amazing cosplay skills under his belt!

Not only that, but Joseph loves to watch our guy Barry Allen aka The Flash on The Gulf Coast CW.

If you want to see more from Joseph then check out his Tik Tok page @josephcarro!

It is so amazing to be able to share the love for two of the greatest things on Earth: Superheroes and the greatest city ever created, Mobile, AL.

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