I’ve decided to use The Gulf Coast CW’s Super Fan page to talk about my latest project—an undertaking that’s my most ambitious and has me extremely excited.

Using characters from my first series—the Runes & Realms books—I’m introducing a lady time traveler from the 1890’s in The Timeless Crystal.

Theresa’s a bit of an adventurer who happens to know a very famous inventor. The magic (timeless) crystals she brings him are exactly what he needs to perfect the time machine he has been working on. After convincing him to let her test the device she journeys into a world of amazing creatures and incredible danger.

The first book will contain two overlapping stories. Part one deals with the beginning of her travels through time. Bringing in a few of the main players from Runes & Realms: Gnome Legends, they battle a powerful wizard to save the world (or at least their part of it).

Part two is where things get exciting. It will be a retelling of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with Theresa as the main character. It is my plan to tie this story into a series of other stories from famous books—creating one large story arc. Currently my planned stories include The War of the Worlds, Frankenstein, The Island of Dr. Moreau, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and A Princess of Mars. From there we’ll just have to see.

These are all stories that have influenced my art and writing. The Timeless Crystal series will be my way of saying thank you to the great story tellers who wrote these works of art.

I’ve only just started this venture. The first part of The Timeless Crystal—the first story—is written (and edited). I included it in a sampler book I put together for Pensacon. If you’re interested in getting a start on the Timeless Crystal and having a sampling of my work, Art & Stories by Steven Moore is available on Amazon.

If you’d like to read Runes & Realms: Gnome Legends before going to the Timeless Crystal, it’s also available on Amazon.

And finally, the Mobile Writers Guild will be releasing its third Anthology later this year. The Halloween Anthology will include a short story I wrote that acts as a prequel for the Timeless Crystal.

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