Destination Gulf Coast: Speeding towards the Finish Line in Biloxi with Finish Line Performance Karting

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In the words of the iconic NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby, “I want to go fast!” This edition of Destination Gulf Coast was a bittersweet one; bitter because it’s the final Destination Gulf Coast of the season, but sweet because this final episode was filmed at Finish Line Performance Karting in Biloxi, and if you know anything about me, I love to drive and I love to go fast!

The day started off with a conversation with Keith, the manager at Finish Line. It was during this conversation that I learned that they have two different sets of karts; one for kids that rides at top speeds of 30 miles per hour, and then there was the big boy karts that top out around 50 miles per hour! I could hardly contain my excitement, as he continued to explain to me that they have two separate tracks one named “Coastal Curves” and the other named “Tidal Turns”, and they change the configuration of the track every week, so whenever you come to Finish Line, it’s a different experience!

After talking about the karts and tracks for a bit, we discussed their cool arcade that they have inside, which can also double as a pretty fun respite from the sun. They even have the largest Pac-Man game in the world there! Once we were finished chatting it up, it was time for me to strap up and hop into a kart and do my best to channel my inner Bubba Wallace.

I was fortunate enough to get a couple of laps in on both tracks, racing all comers. I have to be honest, hopping in a kart while navigating around tight turns at 50 miles per hour was an exhilarating experience, only to be further enjoyed with the beautiful backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico, virtually right across the street from the tracks.

It was a great time at Fast Lane Performance Karting, and between the heart racing excitement of the karts on unique tracks, the really chill arcade and the amazing staff, I certainly plan on becoming a regular so I can work on my burgeoning F-1 racing career! If you would like more information on Finish Line Performance Karting, check them out at

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