Child with roots in Daphne finds $100, special note in grocery store

Gulf Coast CW

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CNN NEWSOURCE) — Daphne Kenny, 6, who was named after the city of Daphne, left a California grocery store with a $100 bill that was hidden in the aisles with an intention.

“I think it was supposed to be hiding behind the cereal but all the cereal is gone from there where it was hidden behind,” she said.

The bill had a note attached to it: To whoever finds this, I love you.

“A hundred dollars… that’s big. I’m glad she found it, though. I would have just bought groceries,” said the little girl’s mother Danica.

Daphne used the money to buy an outfit and two stuffed-animal cats from Build-A-Bear Workshop. They’re both named after her actual cat, Steamy.

Daphne’s grandparents still live in the City of Daphne.

There is still no word on who left the money at the store.


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