In today’s RightThisMinute video… even a bad accident doesn’t stop an extreme sports enthusiast from pushing the limits on his motorcycle.

Ouch! Brad O’Neal is knocked unconscious after this horrific crash in Arizona. He’s taken to the hospital with two compression fractures in his spine, a severe concussion and damage to his shoulder blade.
Doctors tell him the only thing he can do is take it easy and let it heal. Naturally, Brad gets right back on his bike a few days later and manages to pull off an incredible jump on some sand dunes in California.

The hardest part was withstanding the pressure of the ripcord, but after pulling his parachute he floats down to a soft landing, as does his bike under his brand new Honda Yamaha of Redlands canopy.

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Original: lose your memory
Location: Arizona (crash) and California (parachute jump)