Designing with Gulf Coast Super Fan Steven Moore

When The Gulf Coast CW approached me to be a Super Fan, they also asked if I’d like to create their Super Fan logo. I, of course, accepted. As I visited with the crew at their station (loved the tour), they asked me to share what went into creating the logo. So, here we go…

Really, there’s no magic to creating a logo, you simply take what already exists (in this case the Gulf Coast CW logo) and add to it what you feel makes the event special. For me, that was the CW’s lineup of shows. After all, that’s what first drew me to the CW. Now, as for the Gulf Coast CW, I love the fact that their crew is everywhere along the Gulf Coast, promoting the CW as well as people and events. And (to me) Tori Blackmon is the face to the Gulf Coast CW. AND I happen to be a fan of The Gulf Coast CW’s Supergirl (or SuperTori). AND my favorite show on the CW right now is Stargirl. I put all of that together and began working on a Super Fan logo.

So, the first thing I did was create a new character—The Gulf Coast CW’s Stargirl (who doesn’t exist, yet, and I will from here on refer to as StarTori). Over the years I’ve played with a multitude of styles ranging from extremely cartoony, to manga to realistic and comic book. For a character to be used in a logo, I decided to go with a more simplistic, cartoon style. I also wanted to make the eyes a bit manga-like. But, instead of the usually rounded style typical of manga, I narrowed them slightly and angled them a bit to (hopefully) look a little more like Tori’s eyes. I also tried to create a hairstyle that fell somewhere between the Stargirl on the CW and Tori’s Hair style.

Once I had a rough drawing of StarTori, I simply cleaned up and inked the picture, then scanned it into my computer where I digitally cleaned it a bit more and added color.

I then started working on the text part of the logo. As I stated above, I already have the Gulf Coast CW logo. From there I chose a block font I like for “Super Fan” and distorted in a style to mimic a comic book title. I didn’t use things like shadows or 3D effects because I didn’t know how small the logo would be when used and I wanted it legible at any size.

Finally, I wanted to make a starburst effect like you might see with the word “Pow!” in a comic book. I also knew the logo might be used on dark or light (or mixed) backgrounds. The best way to deal with that is either outlined letters or some form of a frame. I decided to use a frame that outlined the letters and gave a look that kind of resembles comic book word balloons. Here’s the final results.

I’ve created a lot of logos for everything from businesses to novel covers. I always enjoy building them, but this was definitely one of my favorites. Thanks to The Gulf Coast CW for letting me play with the new Super Fan logo. It was fun.

(Updated) On July 22, 2020 the Super Fan logo evolved yet again!