MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Urban Growers have 10 active community gardens around Mobile, Alabama. These gardens benefit our environment and also feed our community!  

It’s a peaceful sanctuary for gardeners to go and enjoy. Each garden has a lead gardener with a group of gardeners that work under them. All of the employees are volunteers.

All of the gardens are organic! This means that no chemicals are used in any of the gardens. They use natural ways to make compost and keep the gardens thriving.

“Mother Earth provides us with what we need, the leaves that fall from the trees, the rain, the sunshine,” Pat Hall, Board Member, explained.

The first step is making compost out of cardboard, grass clippings, and leaves. They then let the compost sit for a few months and turn it over when it’s ready!

“The way it works is you fill this one you, you let it sit, flip it over to the next one, and then by the time you reach the third one it’s ready to be used,” Pat explained.

When it rains fertilizers and chemicals runoff from farms and end up in our water system. This can be harmful to our environment-especially wildlife. This is why organic is so pure they don’t use any chemicals.

According to U.S EPA, Since 1970, CO2 emissions have increased by about 90%, with emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes. That can have major repercussions on our environment and future. 

The main function of plants is to not only provide food but to take carbon dioxide out of our air. This helps change what used to be a plot of dirt into a plot that is filled with thriving plants is so important for our environment.

When they use animal manure, they make sure it’s composted long enough to get rid of harmful bacteria. What’s left is hundreds of worms, bugs, and healthy microbes! An entire ecosystem and home for worms, bugs, and thousands of microbes 

A place for the birds and the bees, and gardeners that love to be at peace.

“Mentally I can come and put my hands in the garden and it changes me,” Pat expressed.

If you are interested in volunteering head to this website to learn more.