MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – It turns foul, dirty water fresh. McFadden Engineering, a local engineering firm, developed a device called Oxyshark that treats contaminated water so that it can be reused, recycled or safely discharged.

Oxyshark is used in many industries including seafood processing, industrial waste treatment and car washes. Several local Rich’s Car Wash locations use this tool to save money and the environment. 

According to Frank McFadden with McFadden Engineering, car wash water can be problematic when it runs into our local waterways because it contains soap. 

All of the water from the car wash gets funneled into drains before it moves into storage tanks. From there, it moves into Oxyshark. The dirty water flows through plastic tubes that are used to house bacteria that grow in the tank. Those beneficial bacteria actually eat the pollutants in the water, and the system removes 95 to 98 percent of the water’s pollutants.

“It is a pretty large investment for the company to put these in. The return on it is nice, but really this was just for the environment and the community,” says David Medlin with Rich’s Car Wash. He continues to say that the water that comes out of the system is as close to drinking water as you can come. 

The device also saves money. Medlin explains that it takes about twenty gallons of water to wash a car in a car wash. With Oxyshark, Rich’s Car Wash is able to wash a car with less than ten gallons of water.

After more than seven years of development, Oxyshark continues to grow the Gulf Coast.