Foley, Ala. (WKRG) — The timing was just right for Logan Lane—fresh out of college, a pandemic looming, and another teacher moving. It left room for Lane to take over the theater department at Foley High School.

“Ms Payne was the teacher and she taught me theater while I was here,” said Lane. “And she actually moved to the virtual school and it was just kind of timing, I managed to get here–they needed an English teacher and then the theater position opened as well, so—“

Oh, and that’s another thing—like every other teacher at Foley High School to who we’ve awarded a Golden Apple—Lane is also a graduate of Foley High.

“Yeah–I mean there’s something special about this place for sure and I’m very thrilled, especially to get to teach theater–something that I’ve loved my whole life,” Lane said.

And just for a challenge, he and his students have taken on the musical ‘Godspell’ which his nominators are especially happy about.

“And he offered such an amazing opportunity for me to find my voice, specifically in singing because I never thought of myself as a singer before,” said student and nominator Madelyn Repzynski.

Ella Pratt added, “It’s a really good opportunity–and this is my first year in theater and having a lead role is really amazing–it’s given me a lot of faith in myself.”

But Lane says the real pleasure is all his.

“Many of them have never had theater experience prior to my being here–so to watch them grow and learn, and I actually have several who are planning to pursue it in college,” said Lane.

Our congratulations to Logan Lane and once again Foley High School for a job well done.