Students nominate the ‘tough’ teacher for a Golden Apple


Satsuma, Ala. (WKRG) — Kevin Rawls at Satsuma High School is considered a tough teacher. Yet students want to be in his classes. Many of them nominated Rawls for the Golden Apple Award.

Rawls teaches AP U.S. History–and he’s apparently very good at it. We asked what it is that keeps him coming back to the classroom day to day.

“Oh, just the students,” he said. “I love being around them, love to be there for them everyday and inspire them to do great things.”

But there’s no free ride in Rawls’ classes. He’s a tough teacher. He knows it, and the students know it. But the students wouldn’t have it any other way.

Katelyn Ross told us, “I do like the tough teachers. We’re learning a lot. He’s preparing us for the AP exam to be better students, to be better people.”

And Lexie Lopez said, “He’s the hardest teacher I ever had, but his classes, I mean he pushes me to work harder and study.”

Rawls said, “I don’t know how tough I am, but I hold them to a high standard and they usually come up and meet my expectations.”

Like anyone else, Rawls has frustrations–especially during the pandemic. But he credits the students with helping get through it.

“The kids have done great, we’ve asked them to do so much with masks and they’ve had to sacrifice so much,” he said.

The 24 year veteran teacher said it could be more frustrating if this were a job. But he says it’s not.

“It’s an awesome profession–most people call it a calling, but I just love what I do.”

Our congratulations to Kevin Rawls and Satsuma High School for a job well done.


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