Daphne, Ala. (WKRG) — From the sound of it, you’d think Abbey Fleming has a full plate every day teaching fourth-graders at Belforest Elementary.

“I teach math, science, and social studies and then I switch and teach another whole group of wonderful children math, science, and social studies,” she said.

She’s been doing that for the past three years at Belforest, and she taught for four years in Mobile public schools.  But Fleming’s work doesn’t stop at math, science, and social studies.  There’s more.

She told us, “Yes, I am one of the archery coaches–we started the program last year and it’s a really great scholarship opportunity for the students. Anyone who wins it holds their scholarship money until they’re eighteen. And so we teach it–I have a couple of students who are on my archery team as well and it’s fourth through sixth grade.”

Okay then–that’s plenty.  Or not.  Fleming has other interests too.


“Yes, running club–that’s what we’re coming off today just to promote a healthier lifestyle and burn off some energy,” she said.

And — that’s it for now.  But you never know when you’re dealing with a teacher like Abbey Fleming. And oh, also, did we mention, she’s also this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Our congratulations to Abbey Fleming and Belforest Elementary for a job well done.