Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) — There was a big reception for Melissa Foster as we presented a Golden Apple Award to her at Phillips Preparatory School in Mobile. Nominated by a parent who was knocked out by Foster’s way of turning non-math students into pro-math students.

“We have fun. We sing songs, we do things that make sense, we like to do things that are the real world. We just have a good time,” said Foster.

This 20-year veteran teacher says more than her students having fun, she has fun. But let’s face it: not every kid is able to wrap their brain around the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. But that’s why Foster is there for.

She said the method to her madness is, “Just keep encouraging them and tell them its okay to make mistakes because I make mistakes every single day. And mistakes are just part of learning. If you don’t make mistakes you’re really not learning because if you don’t make mistakes you’re really not getting the new things you’re learning.”

“And mistakes in math: that’s why you have an eraser, isn’t it?”

“Yes, erasers are awesome,” she said.

Phillips Prep Principal Andrea Dennis said, “When we talk about making connections to real-world applications of learning, challenging the student and providing additional support, she does that so well.  She’s a great model for other teachers.”

Our congratulations to Melissa Foster and Phillips Preparatory School for a job well done.