Persistence pays off for student who wants her teacher honored with a Golden Apple


SATSUMA, Ala. (WKRG) — When one student wanted to make sure her favorite teacher was recognized for outstanding work, persistence paid off. Seventh-grader Rylee Berrena sent our Golden Apple team four nominations for teacher Morgan Everett. And she was able to present the award.

Everett told us, “It’s been a tough year for all of us but I try to make my classes as fun as possible.”

Everett is a seventh grade civics, geography and history teacher at Satsuma High School’s Junior High Academy. She’s been teaching for five years and tries to make it fun to keep her students engaged. She’s known for dressing in period costumes to help get her lessons across.

“I’ve always just loved history–history is just my life–I go to historic reenactments and museums.  I’ve even been to the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute so literally it’s my life and I love it that kids like Rylee love it too,” she said.

And Rylee has another reason why Ms. Everett is her favorite teacher.

“Because she’s been my favorite teacher for awhile and she helped me get through some times when I was getting bullied….and so that’s why,” said Rylee.

Our congratulations to Morgan Everett, Satsuma High School’s Junior High Academy, and of course Rylee, for a job well done.

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