When our Golden Apple caravan arrived at Grand Bay Middle School, the outdoor sign was set to congratulate our Golden Apple winner, with the name left blank. Little did we know that the teacher who updates the outdoor sign is the one who would be the recipient of the award—Social Studies and geography teacher William Demouy who put the letters of his own name on the sign.

“This is the whole reason I became a teacher to try to make an impact on somebody, to try to help somebody else to learn.  I want to thank my mentor Mr. Frank Harris for inspiring me,” said Demouy.

He’s referring to now retired teacher Frank Harris, who was also a Golden Apple winner. Harris is famous with his students for how he got his lessons across, sometimes standing on the furniture for effect.

“I’m in his room—I’m changing the signboard like he did…I had him for middle school over twenty years ago,” said Demouy

Harris said, “When they called me over the summer and told me William was being hired into my position I said that is an unbelievable coincidence because I taught him a number of years ago–we went to the same high school.”

And just like his mentor, Demouy said he’s been known to get his lessons through in unusual ways. He left another career after several years to become a teacher. This is his first year. It was apparently a good decision, according to his nominator, student Grady Goolsby.

“Mr. Demouy is a great teacher–he’s always had a fun way of teaching,” said Grady.

Our congratulations to William Demouy and Grand Bay Middle School for a job well done.