DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Today it’s robotics, and students demonstrating skills of initiative, learning on their own with just a nudge here or there. That’s what Bayside Academy’s Cindy Robles is good at.

“I teach art and science, and I teach science that supports student investigations in each classroom,” she said.

So it may be robotics today, and tomorrow it could be learning about spaceflight, or walking along Mobile Bay discovering shells or unique plants, all designed to get students to further their interests and unlock their own curiosity and creativity.

Robles said, “We’re from dinosaurs to weather to space and I just support their learning.”

And she’s been supporting their learning for twenty years at Bayside. One of her nominators says the four years her child spent with Robles from kindergarten to fourth grade had him learning not just what the teachers say, but picking up things on his own.

“She is able to just pull from them what makes them special, and it helps them build the confidence to investigate and discover and become the little scientists and artists that is within,” said nominator Katherine Ray.

In short, Robles runs what is probably the most interesting class in school.

“It is–it is a fun place, just integrating the arts and sciences.”

Our congratulations to Cindy Robles and Bayside Academy for a job well done.