How do some teachers go the extra mile? This is one way


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Our Golden Apple team dropped in on physics and chemistry teacher Richard McCall at Murphy High School to award him a Golden Apple Award. We also wanted to find out what happens once he drops his knowledge of those subjects on his students and moves on to something completely different.

“Sometimes we’ll get ahead of the curriculum, I’ll set aside about 15 minutes and I’ll say ‘okay guys, today we’re going to learn about credit scores’ or whatever the case may be–whatever they want to know about,” he told us.

McCall calls it the magic of the block schedule. He covers the information he needs to about physics or chemistry, but he knows something about students.

“I’ve been in school for 24 years—I know my attention span is not an hour and a half long,” he said.

And he says once he starts talking about something students really want to know about, they begin to listen.

“What I did is I would say your first year of college, how much are you going to make–what’s the most important to you.  And when you’re 14 to 16 you’re going to say oh, I have to have the newest shoes, I have to have this…and I would say, no you don’t.  Those shoes become unimportant when you’re eating ramen everyday,” said McCall.

His nominators say this approach is invaluable.

Parent and nominator Rubyne Miller told us it has helped her son immensely. “He took him his sophomore year—he’s a senior now.  And it was important to me, to him, that I made sure somebody knew the job that he was doing here at Murphy,” she said.

Our congratulations to Richard McCall and Murphy High School for a job well done.

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