Golden Apple Winner: Unique, creative, likes to stand on furniture

Golden Apple

GRAND BAY, Ala. (WKRG) — If you happen to pass by Frank Harris’ 7th-grade civics or geography class at Grand Bay Middle School and he’s standing on the furniture, don’t be alarmed. In Harris’ class, that’s normal.

Harris is this week’s Golden Apple award winner. He was nominated by Assistant Principal Joseph Peterson.

“It’s nothing for us to walk in the class and he’s got Aretha Franklin blaring one day or he’s standing on the furniture the next,” said Peterson.

The 42-year veteran teaches civics and world geography and he’s described as the living embodiment of school spirit.

“Maybe that means I’m the most hyperactive teacher here,” joked Harris.

Kids love his class because of his unique and creative approach.

“One of the things that I tell my students is when we get out of bed in the morning, we should be thinking about two things: what can I do to make myself a better person than I was yesterday; and number two, what can we do to make the world a better place,” said Harris.

“Mr. Harris is the type of teacher everybody should have once in their life,” said Peterson.

Our congratulations to Frank Harris and Grand Bay Middle School for a job well done.

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