Golden Apple Winner teaches English as a second language

Golden Apple

Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) — Tiffany Brown teaches English as a second language. At Davidson High School alone, there are students who collectively speak as many as two dozen different languages.

“Here at Davidson alone, we have twenty-five languages walking through our hallways.  On average…some years we’ve gotten up to thirty. Right now I think we’re at twenty-three to twenty-five,” said Brown

In all of Mobile County Public Schools, there are some sixty-eight different languages represented. That’s why it’s important to have passionate, dedicated, and nationally certified teachers like Brown. Because let’s face it—English is hard.

“There are so many confusing words that American-born people get confused about…and so when you’re learning it in a second language, and some of these children are learning it in a third and fourth language, it’s pretty hard,” she said.

Brown started her career wanting to teach Shakespeare. She took this job, she thought, temporarily, because she needed a job and she was certified. That was thirteen years ago.

“That whole first year, I just fell in love,” she said.

“She cares about these kids and she’s more than just a teacher, She’s their classroom mom,” said the person who nominated her—her co-worker, Monica Kieffer. “If they need a jacket, she’ll find them a jacket…if they need help with paperwork for something, she’ll help them with that.  She’s just does everything,” said Kieffer.

Our congratulations to Tiffany Brown and Davidson High School for a job well done.


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