Golden Apple winner prepares students for the medical world


SARALAND, Ala. (WKRG) — On a typical day in Tammi Thames health-science class, you might find students doing jumping jacks with straws in their mouths.

“So the best analogy to help them understand how a patient really feels is to use a real straw for a normal airway and a coffee straw for an asthmatic airway,” she told us, as the class focused on a lesson about asthma.

Thames has been teaching health-science at Saraland High School for the past seven years. She’s been a registered nurse for twenty-four. This medical program, starting in tenth grade, teaches students about anatomy, diseases and disorders as well as medical terminology.

And Saraland High’s principal says Thames has been with it since the program started seven years ago.

“Ms. Thames was on the ground-floor and helped build it and create it and grow it into what it is today,” said Brent Harrison.

Thames said the program has it own special rewards for her.

“I really love when the kids come back and they’re in college and say that class helped me so much in my college courses–it’s just really rewarding for me in that aspect that it really does make a difference in their life,” she said.

Our congratulations to Tammi Thames and Saraland High School for a job well done.

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