Daphne, Ala. (WKRG) — Another first for our Golden Apple team as we caught up with Terrie Weinacker at lunch.

Weinacker is in her 31st year as a teacher.  At Daphne East Elementary she teaches first-graders, and she believes it’s the best grade to teach.

“The kids bring such variety and they bring their own personalities–and especially first grade, they love everything.  I can say we’re having a test today and they’re like yeah,” she said.

But she says, there is much more.  Weinacker says the big reward for teachers of kindergarten and first-grade students is witnessing the progress her students make throughout the year.

“And it’s not just academic,” she said. “You really get to see them develop into the person they’re going to become.  Their personalities develop and they’re loving and giving. To me, they’re at their kindest and they love everything. But yes, you do get to see them grow up.”

That’s another benefit for Weinacker–in elementary school, she gets to follow her students’ progress all the way through sixth grade. And they remember her as well. Our congratulations to Terrie Weinacker and Daphne East Elementary for a job well done.