Foley, Ala. (WKRG) — When we walked into Bryan Edwards’s 5th grade class at Foley’s Magnolia School, it was, well, a rather spirited classroom. Edwards is this week’s Golden Apple winner.

“They were spirited. We have a little tradition, we do a little dance-off on Fridays just to get some energy up. I’ve made them take a lot of tests so this is their reward for giving it their all,” he said.

Edwards says he began teaching in 1989.  He stepped away from the public school classroom for about eight years, then decided to come back. “Went to a private school, went to Florida, and then came back this year. I miss teaching in my hometown.”

The language arts teacher said there was a strong reason to come back to the classroom.
“I just enjoy being around kids. They make me feel young. I’m not young anymore but I love teaching writing. Ilove spreading my love of writing and reading. So, hopefully, they’re getting that love.”

Edwards’s wife, who is also an educator and was out of town, said she was excited to hear Bryan was a Golden Apple winner. She told us via Facetime, “Oh I’m so ecstatic I just can’t put it in words.  I found out on Tuesday and I’d planned a trip and said oh no. But I’m so excited for him.”

The impact Edwards has on students might best be measured by his nominator, Tyler Fields. Fields was one of Edwards’s students when he was in fourth grade, way back in 2010.
Our congratulations to Bryan Edwards and Magnolia Elementary for a job well done.