A teacher conquers the challenge of teaching culinary arts virtually


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — If you walk into a certain classroom at Davidson High School in Mobile, you might think you’ve walked onto the set of a Food Network show. Instead, it’s the classroom where Rachel Baxter has managed to share her wisdom of the culinary arts, virtually.

Baxter is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner. When we visited her, she and her students were awaiting the results of a virtual cooking competition put on by Bishop State. Can you imagine a virtual culinary competition, trying to convey texture and taste, and aroma over a computer. But she’s made it work.

“Like the students–whatever we’re learning about–they’ll give me recipes and I’ll cook it,” said Baxter. “Then the teachers will come and taste it and they’ll tell them what they think of it.”

Baxter is also a methodist minister and has a degree in home economics. She began teaching sixteen years ago and has been taking culinary classes at Bishop State to better teach her students. Baxter admitted when she first took the job, her cooking skills were lacking. But, her sister Janet, who passed away several years ago, stepped in.

“And she said to me, don’t worry–I’m going to teach you everything you need to know…so thank goodness for Janet,” said Baxter.

As for that Bishop State cooking competition–one of her students is Palestinian, and entered a spicy chicken dish called mousakhans.

Baxter said, “And she made what we called mini mousakhans—and it’s on little pita bread.”

And guess what? Davidson won the competition.
Our congratulations to Rachel Baxter and Davidson High School for a job well done…but, not too well done!

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