A new character each day for this Golden Apple winner

Golden Apple

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — She’s a coach, a bus driver, and smile-inducer at J. Larry Newton School in Fairhope. Emily Pharez puts on a different costume each day and the reason is simple. It’s all about the smiles. So we paid her a visit.

“Coach you are a Golden Apple Award winner.”
“Thank you, this is amazing. I even wore my best outfit today—today is National Read a Book Day and I am Fancy Nancy, so it’s amazing I get an award on the day I’m Fancy Nancy,” said Pharez.

Students and parents alike never know which character they’ll encounter. Pharez starts each school day early driving a school bus. Once she picks up her students and drops them off at their schools, she parks the bus at her school and greets students and parents in the car line.

“It makes my day, as well as their day because they’re coming through the car-line, they start out with a smile, maybe the whole day they keep on smiling,” said Pharez.

Her dedication and passion for teaching are certainly not lost on her principal and administrators, including Baldwin County Superintendent Eddie Tyler.

“I think we all look for the Emily Pharez’s–some are just more fortunate than others to get them,” said Tyler

Principal Patrice Wolfe added, “Coach Pharez is full of wisdom, so she always has great sayings for the students to help keep them having positive energy, there’s a lot of high-fives, handshakes, hugs.”

As for her costumes, Pharez says she buys some, makes some, or collects them. Some people just hand to her saying, “You need this outfit.”

Our congratulations to Emily Pharez and J. Larry Newton School for a job well done.

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