Spanish Fort, Ala. (WKRG) — Elana Bender is currently teaching these high schoolers about food and nutrition. But that’s not all she teaches.

“Three different classes. I have dietetics, food and nutrition, and family and consumer science,” said Bender.

Bender came on board at Spanish Fort High School last year as a cheerleading coach, but then took over for a teacher who left. It’s her very first teaching job.

“I graduated from South Alabama with an exercise-science degree so I can actually teach physical education and health. But this is right up my alley as well and I kind of just fell right in,” she said.

And in a few short months immediately began making an impression on students, like her nominator Abby Lassiter. And Bender is the second teacher Abby has nominated.

“How’s this nomination thing working out for you?” WKRG News 5 asked.

“Pretty good. I’ve only placed two and got two,” said Abby.

“Why did you nominate her?”

“She’s the best teacher ever. She lets us cook so many times, we do so many different things. We learn a lot.”

Bender plans to be a full-time teacher soon and she believes she has a lot to offer.

“My heart is in student-athletes as well, but I think it’s very important that school comes first and athletics come second, but I love kids,” she said.

Our congratulations to Elana Bender and Spanish Fort High School for a job well done.