Spanish Fort, Ala. (WKRG) — Heather Sorrell has been teaching for 18 years — the past 11 of those at Spanish Fort Middle School.  While she is a math teacher — yes, she makes math fun — she says she’d be just as happy teaching any subject.

“I could teach any subject and be happy–it’s not the math, it’s the kids,” said Sorrell.

And the kids certainly back her up.

Students told us, “She’s a really fun teacher–she makes it easier to understand. I didn’t really understand it well, but this year I do. She explains it a lot better.”

And along with her students, her happiness has a lot to do with where she works.

“We have the best administration, we have the best students, we have the best parents. Everything about it is great,” she said.

And as our Golden Apple team descended upon Spanish Fort Middle School, her husband was part of the surprise.  But a Golden Apple was not exactly what was on Sorrell’s mind.

She said, “I saw my husband first and I actually thought he was bringing me lunch because we talked about it last night. He’s off work today and I said ‘Bring me lunch.”

So there you have it—lunch and a Golden Apple.  Our congratulations to Heather Sorrell and Spanish Fort Middle School—-oh, and Mr. Sorrell too, for a job well done.