Gary Finch Outdoors: Scouting for Redfish

Gary Finch Outdoors

(WKRG) — Catching inshore fish takes a lot of trial and error, while taking time to scout locations.  We tagged along with Capt. Yano Serra on a scouting trip where he shared just one of his many techniques for finding redfish.  

“So we come over here to Bayou LaBatre, I’m going to do a little scout fishing today. We are going to run over here in Grand Bay and see if we can pull some speckled trout or some redfish and see if we can mix it up and fish the marsh,” said Yano Serra with Speck-Tackle-Lure Charters.

“Presentation is 100% of catching fish.  Ok, so here we are on a neap tide, we got a stiff wind, southeast wind, so what I want to do is try to set it up where that shrimp is swimming naturally.”  

“We got a 3/4 egg weight, we got a barrel swivel, we got a 20-pound monofilament, number 10 hook.  Run it out about a foot and a half of leader, two-foot, foot and a half to two and what I’m doing, let me get a shrimp and show you how I’m fishing this.”

“Hook him right in the horn, right there.  Right there.  Not behind it, back here, right here, right behind the eyes, right in the horn, that way he will stay alive.  See there, he’s living.”

“All right, you can see what I’m doing, I’m fishing this grass, the mouth of these bayous. I don’t have a certain spot, I’m just fishing the mouth of these bayous with live shrimp under a cork.”

The bag limit for redfish or red drum is 3 per person with the slot size of 16 to 26 inches total length.  You may keep one oversized fish.  Get out there, scout around and try some of these techniques for yourself. 


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