Gary Finch Outdoors: Preparing for Archery Deer Season

Gary Finch Outdoors

(WKRG) — By now, every bow hunter is supposed to have his archery equipment tuned and ready for the first day of the season. However, we know that bad habits come easily while good habits require constant discipline and practice.

I spoke with Campbells Hardware and Sporting Goods technician, Chris Nelson about the process of maintaining those good habits throughout the bow season.

Chris Nelson: When you get in your tree and you got your arrow on your rest, make sure your odd vein is where it’s supposed to be. It’s not nocked upside down to where it kicks the arrow off and you might wound an animal or miss an animal. Just you know keep your strings waxed that keeps the moisture out of them makes them last longer. Just look your equipment over while you’re sitting in the stand.
The main places to look for wear on your strings, on your cams, are where the strings roll over, these sharp bends on these cams. You’ll see serving separating, like there’s a little separation there. Like I said these are key things to look for. Your main strings, especially your loops, because if this loop breaks while you’re pulling it back, your release is going to hit you right in the mouth or the arrow is going to be gone. With a bow, you’ve got a lot more factors. As far as looking through your peep site, aligning your peep site, the aperture and squeezing the trigger off instead of jerking it, that’s a lot like a gun but it’s better to practice.

Bowhunting for deer or any big game animal deserves and requires the hunter’s best efforts. In the case of bowhunting, that means plenty of practice. For more information on seasons, bag limits and zones visit or

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