Gary Finch Outdoors: Outdoor stocking stuffers

Gary Finch Outdoors

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Christmas is right around the corner so we stopped by Campbell’s Hardware and Sporting Goods and of course, my old buddy Nelson here, you can tell us a few of the things we can get at the last moment, so give me a couple of ideas that we can get at the last moment for the hunter in the family. 

Nelson Wingo: Best stocking stuffer that we have is a flashlight. Very economically priced.  Every hunter needs at least one flashlight, maybe more. This is something that’s nice to fit in your stockings. 
This is probably the number one selling, Dead Down Wind Cover Scent.  This has been on the market for several years but it actually really works. It does a good job. But for odors that you may have on your boots, on your skin, in your hair, on your cap, this will knock that odor down. It totally neutralizes it. Just turn it.  Shoot a couple of squirts on your hat and on your boots and on your clothes and you’re good to go.
You know, these saws are really handy to have if you’re a hunter, fisherman or just around the house. These things will prune a branch up to a couple of inches in diameter. Very sharp. And like I said, it’s just a very practical gift to give someone.

Gary: Communication is a big thing.

Nelson: It is. Especially in the woods in tree stands and stuff, safety is important, but if you’re hunting with a partner or a family member or something this way these will work up to about 5 miles on flat land so that way you can keep in touch. If you get a deer shot down and need some help or get turned around in the woods and need some help, nothing better than having a two-way radio.

Folks, we gave you a few ideas for your hunter in the family. Go out there and get them.    

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