Gary Finch Outdoors: Labor Day boating checklist

Gary Finch Outdoors

(WKRG) — You know it’s been a great summer and we put a lot of hours on these engines and I’m here with Nathan Haddock and Nathan, some people forget to check their engines throughout the summer and before Labor Day is a great day to do it isn’t it?

Nate Haddock, Gulf Coast Marine: Of course, by all means.  If you have a 4-Stroke engine you want to check your oil level in it.  Make sure your oil is good and topped off you don’t want to have problems and be offshore or out on the water and then realize you don’t have any oil in your engine.  With your 2-stroke, make sure you have an oil reservoir.  Make sure your oil reservoir is topped off.  Make sure you have extra oil onboard in case you get low while you’re out there.

Gary: A lot of people talk about, I call it boat gas or marine fuel and stuff, that’s very important, especially in the climate that we live in to put in your boat, isn’t it?  

Nate: Definitely. It’s worth the extra money to go ahead and put the pure gas in it and treat it as well. Because even with the climate that we are in, the tank still sweats so you still get some water in your tank, so you still want to be able to treat that and not have any problems, but you definitely want to spend the money and put the non-ethanol in your boat.  If you know that you have the problem of water in your gas tank and you’re constantly having water problems, it’s a good idea to get one of these with a clear bowl in the bottom so we can drain the water out so you’re not constantly having to replace filters every time that you go out on your boat.
You want to also check your shifting, forward and reverse.  Come up here to the throttle.  Make sure you’ve got smooth operation of your shifter and that everything is working smoothly. 

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.  


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