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Gary Finch Outdoors

Now one thing that we always like to talk about at the beginning of the year is hunter safety.  Well, we thought we’d throw an extra segment in here about wearing hunter orange while you’re in the woods. First of all, it’s a law.  It is required by both Alabama and Florida law that you must wear at least 144 square inches minimum of hunter’s orange which some people call blaze orange.

This is a good color as required by law to wear to your stand, and from your stand and even while you’re in your stand.  A lot of people wear a hat and a lot of people wear a vest.  And some people wear both of them.  You can even get sort of a heavy-duty vest that might keep you a little bit warmer especially when you’re out there quail hunting and it’s a cold day and then you also have a game bag in the back here.  

One other thing is that’s a law, is when you are up in an elevated tree-stand, or any kind of stand really, you’re required to wear some kind of tree-stand harness or safety harness.  This one’s got the blaze orange incorporated in.  You put it on, it buckles up all the way over you and you wear it like a vest and it attaches to the tree and it’s almost got like a safety belt that you put across like a seatbelt.  You clip it in and you know between wearing one of these and wearing hunter’s orange whether you wear a full square hat, a vest or both, it might save your life out there.


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