Gary Finch Outdoors: Having fun in your own backyard

Gary Finch Outdoors

(WKRG) — If you’ve been cooped up around the house like I have, well, here’s what I suggest to do. Whether you have a creek or stream, a pond, or even close to a body of water and you just want to have some fun and don’t want to go through the expense of getting the boat out or anything, I pulled out this old fly-rod and reel that I have.  I got a tippet on here and it starts about 12, 10, 5 and I end up with about a 4 found test line and what I’m going to do here is I’m actually going to tie a fly on.  

The term tying a fly actually means that you’re making one or creating one and in today’s segment, we’re just going to talk about tying one on.  And presto! What I’m doing today since I’m fishing in my pond and I’m not really wanting to keep anything, there’s a bard, a real small barb on this tiny hook and I’m going to go ahead and push it down.

You know, one thing that’s nice, you don’t have to have a pond, lake, river or stream to get out here and enjoy the outdoors while you’re out here with your fly-rod, you can practice with it, you don’t have to put a fly on it and you can also use an ultra-light and your rod and reel and put a garbage can out there like I used to when I was bass fishing and I would cast to see if I couldn’t ring the trash can.  So there’s a lot of neat things you can do.  Be creative.  Just watch your kids…look it there, I’m talking and ai get a bite. 

You know, unless you’re a serious fly-fisherman, you know, all you have to do is go out and pick up a 2 or 3 dollar box of cheap flies like I have and don’t go out and spend a lot of money if you’re a first-timer or you just want to get out of the house, get you some cheap flies.  You don’t want to keep the fish, crimp down on the barb and you’ll have a good time.  

Hope you enjoy it.  Some of these tips will really help you get out of the house, enjoy yourself and maybe catch a fish 


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