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(WKRG) — Before anyone hits the gun range or hunting, it pays to know that your gun is operating safely.  According to Nelson Wingo at Campbell Hardware and Sporting Goods.  That’s a major part of gun ownership.  

Nelson Wingo: Normally when you buy a rifle, you’re going to have to have the scope mounted, rings, bases, slings, sling hardware and all of that. We carry all that in stock. And when you purchase a gun and pick out the scope that you want on that gun, we’ll have our gunsmith take that to the back and then they go ahead a mount everything that you need. So it’s not a matter of going somewhere and buying something and you get home to put it together and it doesn’t fit.  
Well as far as your regular cleaning operation, in gas-operated guns you exchange o-rings and pistons and piston seals and stuff like that. With ammo and the cost of ammo now, you really don’t want to go to the range and shoot a half a box or a box of shells. The bore site we use is actually a laser bore site which usually gets you within an inch of two of the bullseye at 100 yards.  So by having a competent gunsmith secure your bases, tighten your rings and secure your scope like you’re supposed to and once we get through bore-siting normally three to five shots is all it takes to fine-tune it and get it to where it’s hitting where you want it to.  So from a time perspective and a money perspective, bore-siting is a very, very good expense. 

To make sure your gun is in proper working condition make sure you consult your dealer or gunsmith.


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