Gary Finch Outdoors: Enticing Lazy Reds

Gary Finch Outdoors

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — This week, Capt. Yano Serra gave me some great tips on using both jigs and plastics to entice lazy reds. 

Serra says, “I come up with a technique to fish these on the coast, they are mostly for walleye up north. Nobody’s ever used them down here. I’ve done a little research and found them, got a mold and started making them and I started selling a bunch of them. Everybody’s been having real good luck on them. And the redfish really, really like them.

“When it hits the bottom, the rubber’s already buoyant enough. Let it stand just like that, and that’s all you do.  You twitch it and it just looks like a little minnow down on the bottom-feeding around. 

“Usually what you’ll do with this is, it’s got a cut-out for like bass fishing, but what I’ll do is run it in, come out his back. I’ll come right out his back where I can get more bite on it. You see I got a little grabber on there. Slide it up on there and that’s it. That’s a done deal right there.”

I’ve had about all I can stand out here. Capt. Yano I tell you what you do a fantastic job finding the fish.

“See that’s what we’re looking for but that’s on that grub. You use them stand-up jigs they will out fish your live shrimp three to one,” Serra said.

Folks take some of these tips into mind. They will really work out here while you’re trying to catch these redfish.


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