Gary Finch Outdoors: Dove Hunting

Gary Finch Outdoors

(WKRG) — Fall in the south is marked by two things: Football and dove season.

Nelson Wingo of Campbell Hardware and Sporting Goods, says one of the most important things you can do to be successful is to conceal yourself well.

Nelson Wingo: These birds do get leery of hunters, so the more you can conceal yourself whether it be camouflaged clothes or a ground blind, getting closer to the ground, or getting close to corn stalks or along a creek, this helps in breaking up your image.
Some of the things that are needed during the dove season that are really popular are dove decoys are always very helpful. They’ve got not only the stationary decoys but also the motions decoys, the mojos that you can actually put in the field with their wings flapping and it’s really a dove attractant so if you are ever in a dove field and see people that can utilize them, dove decoys, it does make a difference.  
Most people still like the basic, automatic shotguns which one of the more popular ones that we have been doing real well the last couple of years, Benelli, one of their companies,  Stodgier and Franchi, makes a Benelli look alike.  These are real popular because of the fact that they are fairly light and the fact that they have an inertia or gas system that cuts down 30-40% on the recoil, felt recoils. They do make this in a youth model, which normally comes with a shorter barrel, usually a 24-inch barrel and a one-inch shorter stock.

Good luck and remember, always be safe.


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