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Gary Finch Outdoors

(WKRG) — During the summer months, many marinas get almost as much traffic as our roads.  And it’s up to us to help keep them clean.  Our friends at Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant shared some ways that we can each do our part. 

Christian Miller with Auburn University Marine Research: The clean marina program is a voluntary program. The marina operators sign up to be a part of that program.  And they voluntarily implement practices which help to ensure that our natural resources are taken care of.  
All clean marinas will have a pump station to empty heads on boats.  That way you don’t have to worry about people off-loading it offshore which is something that we don’t want to do.  We also like to encourage folks to use bilge socks, which is, basically it’s a tube with an absorbent material that you throw in your bilge that will help suck up and hold that oil and all sorts of other residue to prevent it from getting out into the water. 
Related to fueling you want to make sure that you always have somebody present when the boats are being fueled in the water so always have somebody there.  There will be a spill kit located close by so in case there would be an accident they can take care of it pretty quickly.  
We like to encourage folks to clean their boat out of the water and if they do have to clean the boat in the water to make sure that they are using products which are more environmentally friendly.  We don’t want use a whole lot of caustic chemicals and detergents that have phosphates because they will get into the water and adversely effect it.  You can use vinegar and baking soda are two products that you can use to help clean the boat and do pretty much the same thing as a chemical detergent and that way when they do get into the water and you wash them off you don’t have to worry about adverse effects.  

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