Gary Finch Outdoors: Best Topwater Lures

Gary Finch Outdoors

(WKRG) — When it comes to topwater fishing, Capt. Yano Serra has two favorite lures and the proof is in the catching.  
Yano Serra: “That’s a super spook bone color. And that is a very deadly bait when you get into big trout.”
Gary: “Is this one of the original Heddon’s or is this one of the new ones? “
Yano: “That’s one of the new ones.  That’s a super spook.  That’s the saltwater series.”
Gary: “Three sets of triples?” 
Yano: “Yeah. Three sets of triples and you’d better be careful because they will get you whenever you hook a fish and you’re trying to undo it. I’m using a She-dog, it’s a new one, it’s a bone and silver.  You can see where they done eat the paint clean off of it.”
Gary: “Look at that.” 
Yano: “Oh! Big redfish! That’s a big redfish. I seen him jump clean out of the water. Did you see him?”
Gary: “Whoa! I sure did.  Got him!”
Yano: “I can’t help you.”
Gary: “That’s alright. I’m just doing what you told me to do.”
Yano: “I told you.  I have been on some serious fish this week. You’ve got to feel yourself to get the fish.”
Gary: “That’s a good size, good eating fish.”
Yano: “He sucked that whole topwater up.”
Gary: “He ate the whole thing, didn’t he?”
Yano: “Ate the whole thing.  Look at that topwater in his mouth.  Look.”
Gary: “Ate the whole thing.” 
Yano: “She-dog. Mirror lure She-dog.  That’s the new one that they just made.”
Gary: “Ooh, that’s a big fish. Wow! On a light tackle line too. That’s what we’re talking about. You want to be real careful when you’re messing with these lures.”
Yano: “Yes you do.  Look where they ate that paint clean off.”
Gary: “There he goes. Great release. Pick a good day, catch some of the speckled trout, bring some live shrimp, topwater plugs, they’re working, the fish are here.”


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