MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s the time of year when more people are spending money but it’s a time when people are gunning for your money. We talk about holiday scams.

Guest: We know scammers like to take advantage when people are spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts, watch out for things like the “too good to be true” scam. These pop up a lot on social media and email where they offer you something for very high value for a very small price, you know sometimes a lot of kids want electronics like expensive gaming systems or smartphones or that sort of thing, but if someone tries to sell you an expensive gaming system for $50, that’s a scam, what ends up happening is you either end up with nothing or a piece of junk that doesn’t resemble what you were getting and they end up getting your cash and credit card information. So we want people to be very aware of those kinds of scams

Anchor: Let’s move on to the drained giftcard scam, how does that one work?

Guest: The drained gift card scam is probably one people don’t know much about We see these racks of gift cards in a lot of retail stores, what they do is scan the back of those cards, then they save those numbers and periodically call the customer service line or go online to see if it’s been activated. If it has been activated they can drain all the value of that card away. So what we recommend is either order it online, from the retailer that sells those cards or get one from behind the counter, go to the customer service desk and tell the cashier that you want to have a gift card from behind the counter.

Anchor: Package delivery scams, I see those in my inbox every day, what do people need to watch for in that one?

Guest: These are fake emails they look authentic like they’re coming from a legitimate delivery service. If you hover over the email address you can tell it doesn’t really come from that particular company and what they’re asking for is for you to pay a fee, that they’re holding on to a package that needs to be delivered to you and you won’t get it so you pay this fee. No package delivery service is going to demand a fee to deliver your package. Those are paid up front when you order something and they’re paid by the shipper.

We want people to also be aware of charity scams, Alabamians are charitable folks, the need is very great with the pandemic especially, if you’re looking to a charity you may not be familiar with, to check it out on Charity Navigator or go to the BBB’s site, make sure the charity is legit and your money will be used wisely.