For our second installment of Sink Your Teeth Into Black Restaurant Week, I was fortunate enough to be able to check out The Social in Midtown Mobile, on Florida Street. One thing that I can say is that this restaurant is a hidden gem in Mobile! First of all, there is nothing that I love more than a small business that is also a family business, as I met the owner Sofia, who prefers to be called by her childhood nickname “Joker”, her mother, her daughter as well as the chef, who is basically another member of the family.

After getting to meet everyone, it was time to get down to the food, and I have to tell you, I had some amazing bites while I was there. The first platter that I was served were the fried chicken wings as well as 2 sides of baked beans and string beans. The fried chicken was pretty amazing, providing the perfect crispy skin, as well as a great blend of seasonings and spices! However, the star of the show were the baked beans! I cannot tell a lie, and that was probably top 3 baked beans that I had ever had in my life!

After I was finished my first dish while interviewing Joker, I was surprised by a second dish that came out, and this stole the show! I was served their patented Roll Tide Fries , which features Rotel, Velveeta Cheese and several different sausages among other things. This was amazing, tickling my fat boy senses with every delicious bite! This is definitely the perfect food to sit down with for gameday!

I had a great time going to The Social for Black Restaurant Week and I would like to thank Buffalo Rock and Pepsi for partnering with us to be able to highlight small businesses in the community.

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