Yoga can help ‘long-haulers’ COVID-19 symptoms

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Do you know someone dealing with the long-term effects from COVID-19, such as shortness of breath and low energy? Practicing yoga and breathing exercises can help the long-haulers’ symptoms feel more comfortable.

Meteorologist Colleen Peterson sat down with Michelle Ryan, an instructor at Sterling Hot Yoga in Mobile, and asked if yoga can help those dealing with COVID-19.

It turns out that YES — it does! Yoga is focused on breathing. You breathe through the poses and focus on every breath, and doing that strengthens the muscles that surround your lungs. You can’t enhance the capacity of your lungs, but you can basically work out the muscles by doing a few breathing exercises a day. It can even help awaken your body and feel more active.

There are multiple different exercises that can help. The first one is great for kids and is called the five finger exercise. What you do is hold up your hand like you are giving a high five, with the other hand trace your finger around each finger of the other hand and inhale and exhale as you move up and down. This focuses on balanced breathing and really allows your muscles to work at full capacity.

The second one is for those that are dealing with shortness of breath. This is called extended exhale and allows the breath to not get caught in the chest. You breathe in for four, hold for six and then exhale for eight. The numbers don’t have to be exact but as long as the exhale is the longest count.

Sterling Hot Yoga and Wellness offer multiple types of classes — even pilates. They are offering two free outdoor classes this weekend for first-timers.

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