Why do we see more severe weather in the spring?

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — You may have heard people say, “It’s April in the Southeast, of course, we are going to get severe weather!” But why? The answer really lies in timing. March and April are the transition months from winter to spring. 

Brandon Black from the National Weather Service explains that during the months of March and April, “You get a good mix of that instability that we like to see for severe thunderstorms, so storms can actually develop and get a little deeper. So we get more strong storms that way. But we also see a good overlap of that wind shear, the different of wind speed with height.”

By the time we make it to summer, we get less cold fronts. That means we lose the wind shear and the lift needed to produce severe storms. Brandon Black explains that we get higher risks from the Storm Prediction Center and National Weather Service because their confidence that we will have severe storms increases since all of the ingredients are there. Other parts of the year, one of the ingredients might not be there.

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