Storm surge: The number one killer in tropical cyclones

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Storm surge is often overlooked as a hurricane threat because it is not directly related to the category of the hurricane. However, it is the number one killer in tropical cyclones.

Jack Cullen with the National Weather Service in Mobile explains, “Storm surge is something we have to take extremely seriously especially here on the Gulf Coast just because of our shallow shelf waters, we get an extra surge with that.”

Storm surge is dependent on several factors other than storm category such as size, speed, track, and coastal configuration. Because of this, Cullen says, “People only seem to concentrate on ‘okay its a category one storm, the wind is only 80 mph, I have nothing to worry about.’ Well, that’s false. That’s false sense of security.”

It is important to contact your local emergency management agency to determine your evacuation and storm surge zone.


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