Science Corner: Make your own wind vane to measure wind direction!

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Science Corner with Meteorologist Caroline Carithers showing how to make your own wind vane to measure wind direction!

Needed Supplies: Paper plate, marker, plastic cup, pencil with eraser, pin (push pin or sewing), straw, construction paper, scissors

Steps (check out the video for a visual!):

  1. Cut a triangle and square out of construction paper with scissors
  2. Attach one to each end of straw with tape (forming an arrow)
  3. Write wind directions on back of paper plate (N, S, E, and W) and match these to where the directions are in your position and location
  4. Poke hole big enough for pencil to fit through in bottom of plastic cup
  5. Put cup upside down on top of plate
  6. Put pencil through hole in bottom of cup, eraser side up
  7. Put straw arrow on top of eraser and push pin through straw and into the eraser
  8. Space out eraser from straw so vane can move freely

Explanation: Wind vanes are used to measure wind direction. The vane points into the wind. For a more accurate reading, make arrow smaller than video shows (wanted it to be easily seen)!


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