Destination Gulf Coast is all about finding the best things to do around the Gulf Coast. Many of these activities are hidden gems that many people may not know about. Others are activities that we all may know about but haven’t looked into in a while, therefore not knowing what awesome things that different places have in store for its visitors. Then we have other episodes of Destination Gulf Coast where everyone knows about it, and has to know more.

Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark at OWA is the latter. Any time that you drive down the Baldwin Beach Express for the last several years, you have seen the construction of the largest indoor waterpark in the region be erected. After several years of anticipation, Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark has finally opened to the public, and we would like to be the first to tell you that it is every bit of fun and exciting that you could imagine!

This brand new facility boasts several exhilarating slides including the Tangerine Scream with its 75 foot drop as well as the Piranha Plunge where the floor drops from under you sending you into a 360 degree loop! If that’s too much excitement for you the Castaway Creek and Tuki’s Tower will give you the chill vibe you’re looking for. With a full arcade as well as a food court, its hard to think of a better place to cool down this summer!