What’s up everybody? It is your boy Theo Williams. Welcome back to another fun episode of Destination Gulf Coast brought to you by Mountain Dew! Today I am in Pensacola at the Five Flags Speedway where they’re going to be having the SRX superstar racing experience, but, guess what? I’m getting ready to hop on that track and have a good time. So, why don’t you guys come along? 

Hey guys so right now I am here with Tim Bryant. He is the Co-owner of the Five Flags Speedway here in Pensacola. Thank you so much for joining us here today! Now, I want you to tell the people about the SRX Superstar Racing experience that’s coming up. “Well, I mean, we’re just over the top, excited to have the opportunity number one to have one of six races held nationwide. In fact, it’s the it’s opening race here on June 18th, so some legendary drivers will be here. A live CBS television audience. It’s big for our track, it’s big for our community. And we’re certainly hoping that people come out and support it because you know what they really want to see a packed grandstand for this race.”

With the SRX superstar racing experience coming up on Saturday, June 18th, you’ll definitely want to make your way down a Five flags Speedway in Pensacola if you can’t make it in person, make sure you watch those WKRG 5 I’m Theo Williams for destination Gulf Coast!